I hope this gives some idea about chemistry essay writing to novices. Your comments and feedback are welcome.
by katejuddy - Tuesday, July 4 2017, 09:21 AM
  Dear friends I am currently doing my Masters of Science in Chemistry. Today I am discussing an important issue with all my juniors and mates studying chemistry either as a major or minor course. Irrespective of your academic level, you must have submitted assignments and quizzes. You may not know about writing chemistry essay topics.

Most of us assume that essay writing is a mandatory requirement for arts and linguistic subjects. This can be true for high school classes. Essay writing becomes compulsory for all subjects for college and university classes. When students come to know about the requirement of writing academic essays, they become surprised and often feel panic. As they donít know about the rules of writing essays for science subjects like chemistry.

If you are experiencing the same situation, donít lose your confidence. Consider it just like a regular class work activity like assignment & presentation. Once you overcome this fear, next step is to learn the steps of academic essay writing. Basic principle of writing any essay is to research all the relevant material and list down the points you want to discuss in your essay.

Next step is to understand the structure or basic framework of essay, which you will use to present information or dispute to your audience.


This is the first part, which is used to introduce topic to audience in a catchy and interesting form. It has to written efficiently to instantly capture attention of readers.

Thesis statement:

This is the last sentence of opening paragraph. It describes the main point of the essay and introduce basic argument. If essay is discussing an argument.
Body Paragraphs: This is the second part of document. Its length depends on the topic of essay. If you are presenting an argument, include equal number of paragraphs for the two sides of the argument.


This is last paragraph in all kinds of essays. It restate thesis statement and summarize key points to make closing statement.
by andrewstrauss - Friday, July 7 2017, 01:01 AM
  A large portion of us accept that article composing is an obligatory necessity for expressions and phonetic subjects. This can be valid for secondary school classes. Exposition composing winds up noticeably necessary for all subjects for school and college classes. Dissertation Writing At the point when understudies come to think about the prerequisite of composing scholarly articles, they end up noticeably astounded and regularly feel freeze. As they don't think about the guidelines of composing expositions for science subjects like science.