What is one of the biggest trends currently in education sector?
by evamikaelsen - Thursday, July 20 2017, 01:19 PM
  Letís access the fact, the digital transformation is shaping almost every industry worldwide considerably, while the education sector is no different. Although there are number of trends which I feel are currently influencing the education sector, namely, augmented reality, classroom set of devices, redesigned learning spaces, gamification, but in this forum I am going to limit my discussion on the employment of personalized learning only.

*Personalized learning:

The technology has enabled corporate professionals to personalize the learning experience more than ever. From separate type of school choices, to the options of learning methodologies, thesis help service and educations is becoming more and more personalized to cater the needs of each student on individual basis. While blended learning present a whole new learning approach to the student, as student is given the freedom to obtain less instructions from the teacher and learn more discovery-centric learning approaches. One of the best use of blended learning is it allows the student to control the pace of the content flow as per their learning capacity. Adaptive learning is quite similar to blended, in a way it assists the student in making decision regarding the timeframe and roadmap of learning. Interestingly, adaptive learning works on the principle of closely examining the studentís behavior as he/she proceed with answering questions, and then use the information to provide an instant and accurate feedback
Re: What is one of the biggest trends currently in education sector?
by ronaldthomas - Monday, July 31 2017, 09:07 AM
  One of the best uses of mixed learning is to allow students to control the speed of content flow according to their learning ability pay for dissertation. Adaptive learning is quite similar to the mix, and to some extent it helps students make decisions about the time frame and roadmap learning.