kosher cleaning agent
by idi - Sunday, December 2 2007, 07:04 PM

Dear Rabbi, two weeks ago I got to know that I am Jewish.

My flat is a mess.

To become kosher I first want to clean and to get in order everything.

For me it is very important to use a kosher cleaning agent - as a starting sign.

Which ingredients are allowed or prohibited?

Is it possible to bottling a part of my kosher dish-washing-agent (from Danel) for cleaning purposes? Thanks a lot for your answer. Idi

Re: kosher cleaning agent
by rabbizvigoldberg - Tuesday, December 4 2007, 01:02 PM

I wish you the best in your new quest for kosher.

Actually, cleaning agents are among the least problematic items from a kosher perspective. They are caustic and inedible. Nevertheless, for cleaning dishes, it is better to get one that doesn't state 'soap'. Soap is made from animal derivatives.

cleaning of counter tops of the 3 areas
by idi - Tuesday, December 4 2007, 04:47 PM
  Dear Rabbi,

Thank you very much. I feel relieved.

My countertops are of wallboard with a veneer-imitation surface.

My sink is made of dark brown very hard and thick plastic - when I touch it, is feels a bit like ceramic.

To clean the 3 countertops and the one sink: is it better to use cloths or sponges? Is it better to use a caustic agent or a kosher non-soap-dish-washing-agent?
Is it better to use one or three cloths/sponges for the sink - as it comes into contact with water of all three areas?
May the sponges be in one of two materials: soft part and hard part?
Is it better to use soft sponges or hard sponges?
Shall the hard sponges be elastic or non-elastic?

Thanks in advance.
Re: cleaning of counter tops of the 3 areas
by rabbizvigoldberg - Tuesday, December 4 2007, 04:49 PM

The type of sponge does not matter. Either cleanser is ok as well.

I recommend you look at our videos, especially the one on kosherizing a kitchen.

Re: cleaning of counter tops of the 3 areas
by idi - Wednesday, December 5 2007, 05:33 PM
  thank you very much - the video helped a lot
now it's easier to follow the rules - as I understand the logic behind the principles
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