mayonnaise = dairy?
by idi - Sunday, December 9 2007, 04:46 PM
  Today it was the second time since I started to make my kitchen kosher that I visited friends and had the choice to eat something (today a pasta-salad with gherkins) mixed with mayonnaise.
Is mayonnaise dairy?
Re: mayonnaise = dairy?
by idi - Sunday, December 9 2007, 06:22 PM
  Well, my one-hour-editing-time is over but just some minutes ago I found some recipes for mayonnaise - most non-dairy.
But what's about the mayonnaise which I buy?
I just read one advertisement for cream-mayonnaise in one link: that's clear, that's dairy.
But if the name of the brandmark is not so clear?
Which substances of content show dairy state (lactose...which ones additionally)?
Which substances of content show meat state?
Or does a meat-status mayonnaise not exist between those you buy?

If mayonnaise is parve: may dices of sausage and boiled eggs be mixed with the dices of potatoe or pasta and gherkins/onions/garlic, too?
Is it allowed to put in addition to that raw or boiled vegetables on the same plate?

On another day:
May parve mayonnaise be added to dices of salted herring (mixed with potatoe dices) and perhaps mixed with a bit of red vegetable juice of beetroot (which my mother likes very much)?
Re: mayonnaise = dairy?
by rabbizvigoldberg - Monday, December 10 2007, 04:05 PM

Mayonnaise is an item which definitely needs a kosher certification. You can't tell if it's kosher by reading the ingredients. The same symbol which will tell us that it is kosher will tell us if it is parve or dairy. Generally, if there is no dairy mark next to the symbol it is assumed to be parve.

I encourage you to watch all of our video classes - you will find them useful. Also, our book "Kosher for The Clueless But Curious" will be very helpful.

Re: mayonnaise = dairy?
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Re: mayonnaise = dairy?
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Re: mayonnaise = dairy?
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