pots with plastic handles / used for fleshig + milchig
by idi - Sunday, January 6 2008, 05:48 PM
  Nearly all of my pans, pots etc. are with plastic handles and I have used them for both: fleshig and milchig

At the moment I have no money to buy a new set of pots, pans etc.
I think I dont even have the money to buy one good pot of a good quality which might be kashered.

The same concerning all sorts of cooking accessory

What shall I do?

Is it good for the beginning to just use the non-kosher pots but only to use ONE for fleshig and THE OTHER for milchig?
Same with the accessory?
Just to get used to the fleshig-milchig-separation
and to the separation of the different pots and accessories?

What about the pan?
I only have one with surface coating - and in the shops I looked for - I only saw those with this special surface coating that no food shall stick to the bottom.

Where may I get pans without this surface coating inside? Are they still available on the market?
Re: pots with plastic handles / used for fleshig + milchig
by rabbizvigoldberg - Monday, January 7 2008, 05:22 PM

Even though Star-K does not kosherize plastic, the pots with plastic handles could be kosherized since the plastic is separate and doesn't come in contact with the food. You can read about how to kosherize on our website, or even better ask a Rabbi or competent person to show you how to do it.

I don't know of any problem with buying the non-stick pans.

Best Regards.

Re: pots with plastic handles / used for fleshig + milchig
by idi - Monday, January 7 2008, 06:30 PM
  Thank you, but I still have a question:

I think for a pan it would perhaps be better to buy it with a metalic handle and without that special surface
one for parve, one for milchig and one for fleshig.

Because in case of non-kosher usage it must be made red-hot because food has direct contact to the pan as it is cooked only with oil and not with liquid like in the pots - so it probably must be made red hot - and then all the special surfaces and all the plastic handles will melt. Am I right?

Or do you mean:
because food cannot stick on surface - it is sufficient (in case of non-kosher usage) to completely thoroughly rinse with boiling water?

In addition to that this special surface of my pan has many scratches after 20 years of usage.
So the milchig and fleshig food has penetrated in the surface and probably would not disappear when rinsing with boiling water.

I, too, see the problem of scratches when buying a new non-stick pan. - - - Or is the surface more resistant than the surface has been on pans produced 20 years ago?
Re: pots with plastic handles / used for fleshig + milchig
by rabbizvigoldberg - Wednesday, January 9 2008, 03:41 PM

In our book "Kosher for the Clueless" chapter 3, we talk about how to go about becoming kosher in stages, which you asked about previously-- "One Step at a Time." Part of that chapter can be found on our home page. The chapter guides a person who is beginning to become kosher. The book is available in the U.S. on amazon.

Let me rephrase what you are saying- that perhaps it is better not to buy non-stick pans since there may be an issue with kosherization if something goes wrong kosher-wise.

I would say that most kosher homes do not concern themselves with this and do have non-stick pans. It is not all that common that a problem happpens which can't be solved.

Best of luck!

Re: pots with plastic handles / used for fleshig + milchig
by idi - Sunday, January 27 2008, 03:59 PM
  Please indicate to me where I may find on your website how to kosherize (the process I know but I cannot find anymore the prayers which have to be done).

I have read the prayer two months ago - but at that time I didn't think that one day I may want to pray it - and now as I want to do it...I can't find the prayer any more.

At the moment as I do not yet have a closer contact to the local Rabbi as I only have been once at our Synagoge here, I prefer doing it on my own and the more and more I advance...then there may be a time when I may contact the Rabbi and follow each step of his advises.
Re: pots with plastic handles / used for fleshig + milchig
by rabbizvigoldberg - Monday, January 28 2008, 04:33 PM
  If you know the process, then you are ready. There are no prayers or blessings said upon kosherization. It is a process mandated by Torah law, but the process itself is a practical one (boiling or burning out the absorbtion, etc.)
Re: pots with plastic handles / used for fleshig + milchig
by idi - Thursday, January 31 2008, 02:39 PM
  OK, I see. Thanks.
Re: pots with plastic handles / used for fleshig + milchig
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Re: pots with plastic handles / used for fleshig + milchig
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