Book: "Kosher for the Clueless but Curious"
by idi - Thursday, January 10 2008, 03:47 PM
  I have bought the following book in German with an introduction by Rabbi S. Wagschal.

"The New Practical Guide to Kashruth" by Rabbi S. Wagschal,
The Judaica Press, Inc. Brooklyn.

Does the book you mentioned contain the same topics?

How much does your book cost (delivery to Germany included)?
Would it be possible to order it from you?
Does it exist in the German language?
Or is the type of language as easy to understand as your four kosher-videos?
Re: Book: "Kosher for the Clueless but Curious"
by rabbizvigoldberg - Monday, January 14 2008, 04:11 PM

I have seen that book in English and it is reliable (although we may not agree on every point) but it is written for the advanced kosher consumer.

The Kosher for the Clueless is written for the beginner. It incorporates a lot of (American) humor.

We do not sell it, but it is available from the publisher or from

Good Luck!

Re: Book: "Kosher for the Clueless but Curious"
by jordanss123 - Wednesday, July 19 2017, 09:02 AM
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