For more than twenty years, Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld has been affiliated with the STAR-K, as Assistant Director of Supervision. His responsibilities include supervising local establishments including restaurants, caterers, bakeries, butchers, hospitals, and nursing homes. His special interests include Integrating the Nuts and Bolts of Kashrus with Today's Technology, Behind the Scenes in Kashrus, and other selected topics.

Rabbi Kurcfeld enjoys having the opportunity to make a contribution to the Baltimore Jewish community. He sees his work as a partnership between the STAR-K and the entrepreneurs he serves. His goal is to help their establishments succeed.

As a certified shochet and menakker (an individual trained in the proper removal of prohibited fats and veins during the kashering process), Rabbi Kurcfeld assists Rabbi Moshe Heinemann in the oversight and review of shechita and meat kashering facilities. He is a popular lecturer on kashrus for schools and organizations. In addition, he gives a weekly Yiddish class filled with songs of yesteryear, touching stories and lots of kibbitzing.

Known as ‘Mr. Fix-It,” Rabbi Kurcfeld can repair everything from automobiles to household plumbing. Not only does he have excellent mechanical abilities, he is also very gifted musically. Rabbi Kurcfeld’s compositions have filled his household of five girls with beautiful music, especially on the Sabbath and Holidays. Some of these compositions have been recorded on Jewish labels.

Location:Baltimore, United States of America
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