Rabbi Zvi Goldberg is the Dean of Star-K's Virtual Kosher University.

Rabbi Goldberg received his Rabbinic ordination from Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore. In 1992 Rabbi Goldberg also received a Masters in Computer Science from the Applied Physics Lab of the Johns Hopkins University.

For several years, Rabbi Goldberg served as a pulpit rabbi in San Jose, California. He founded the Orthodox Rabbinical Board and was a board member of the Vaad HaKashrus of Northern California. In addition to devoting much of his time to his congregation and kashrus activities, Rabbi Goldberg was very involved in Jewish outreach.

Rabbi Goldberg returned to Baltimore in September 2001 with his wife and children to join the Star-K. As Kashrus Administrator, Rabbi Goldberg acts as liaison with Star-K field representatives regarding the most current data on kosher productions, supervises kosher production of various products, and responds to halachic inquiries on the Star-K hotline.

Rabbi Goldberg has lectured and written articles on a wide range of topics. His lectures have addressed issues such as Cloning and Jewish Law, Spiritual Sanctity of the Kosher Diet, and The Complete Guide to the Kosher Kitchen. Furthermore, he has lectured to Rabbis on the kashrus challenges of outlying communities. In articles for various halachic journals, Jewish newspapers and his congregation's weekly bulletin, Rabbi Goldberg has written about halachic concerns, the Jewish outlook on world events, and the weekly Torah portion.

Location:Baltimore, United States of America
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